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Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

The Shape Up Shoppe Fitness Club Inc. 

Bay View's  The Worlds Best & First Fitness Club for Women - Established 1980    2697 S. KK Ave. Milwaukee  WI 53207  414.481.2108

Appointment is positively needed to tour or join:

Please make appointment by emailing or by calling 414.708,2108  Preferably email for faster respond time

Facilities include:

Cardio Room [spacious]- Nautilus Gym - Cardio Equipment - Individualized programs -  Personal Training Room [s] 

Locker Room, Bamboo Room to relax after class and Tiki Deck seasonal

Types of Group Classes:

Basic Aerobics: "Cardio-Complete" Our specialty! Guaranteed results!

 Also: BoxBag, Core Fusion, Theraball, Press 'n Pump, Slide Reebok, Power-Jam, Boot-Camp, Spar,  HIIT & more!

Private Lessons & Personal Training Packages

MPS - Preferred Vendor teaching after-school program, Corp motivational seminars, and Lunch & Learn sessions